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I started this gig back in 2015, as a part-time thing to supplement my graphic design freelance but as they needed more help I adjusted. It's hard to say no to a steady paycheck, especially considering the work they do in the Bay Area. Throughout my time in San Francisco, I've been pretty lucky finding work situations with organizations that have a mission statement that I can get behind.

As with any organization that counts on outside sources of funding, donations etc., the position I hold will only be a tangible one, based on the yearly budget. I remember the cascade of layoffs at my local red cross after a particularly rough year. I was in the first department gutted. These socially cool feel good jobs that depend on the outside donations aren't always great with longevity but they do give you something in the interim: the desire to keep coming back.

You actually want to come in and help. When you work with good people that assist in running for 2 pet hospitals, it's easy for me to want to make sure there is enough cyclosporine on hand for the vets, etc.. One of my perks? If I ever need a break and want to see a friendly face, I can go to adoptions and say hi to the dogs. That is a major perk of the job. I also get discounts on products and the vet care is 50% off for my dog but I love visiting the doggies.

Also, These folks have been great with my time off needs. My softball tournaments and my yearly trips have been no problem. This has been the kind of experience I needed to have after the government job. Who knows how long the dog and cat train will ride but I am happy to be a passenger.
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It's a groggy Monday for me. I got up at 5:00 a.m. and could never properly get back to sleep. At that hour, I looked over at my dog and she was dreaming of something, that I believe involved running. Her paws were moving back and forth and there were murmurs. I get dreams like that as well but dreamland ended too soon this fine morning.

It's been a string of fine mornings, if you enjoy warm weather. The fog seems to be playing hide and seek with everybody but mostly hiding. We are in the midst of a mini heat wave. We get these here, they never last very long because you never bet against the fog. The fog always wins. It's the Rocky from the second movie.

We were out Sunday in the warmth that was the marina district, playing softball in the last couple of games of the season. We split a double header and ended up going 10-4 for the season and coming in second place, which is a pretty good place to be for this young team. As one of the 2 older players on the team, I've enjoyed watching this group improve. They've got more to go but they can hit and they pick each other up and are generally positive, even when something flops.

My day went well on the field, even after jamming my hand into second base. I was able to play thru some pain, get my hits. At home it was the ice and ibuprofen cocktail. The right wrist is still smarting with a little swelling. I'm hoping for a quick heal as tournament season begins July 4th weekend. Wish me luck. Yes softball retirement is all the rage.
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I'm organizing my softball team for a few out of town tournaments. The Seamen finished a good season, going 8-3-1 and are set to play some more, now that the season is over. For many of us, the final game hit us like: "is this really the last game." The scheduling this year has been unusual; a doubleheader, then a weekend off, then a rain out...then back to a doubleheader. We looked up and had one game left. The team has not quite had their fill. That song may change after a 2-day playoff tournament, in the second weekend in July. July is turning out to be a heavy softball month.

First Tournament up to bat is the Joe Cooper Memorial Russian River Classic which we have done religiously for the last decade. Truth be told, I was ready not to do it this year. I've got another training in West Virginia on tap the whole week after the tourney and am flying out Sunday. Player interest, however, generally twists my arm and I start sending out emails, scouting out places to stay etc.. We will be there in full force and this one's generally a fun one. Since, it's pretty local, we get Bay Area teams.This works out to be the unofficial goodbye to the softball season.

It's exciting to add the Seamen, to the list of teams going to New Orleans this December. The Bourbon Street Classic is one of the newest tournaments on the block (3 years) and the city is a favorite stop of mine. We will be staying in the French Quarter and playing ball in Metairie. When we are not playing ball, I assure you, the coach will be having raw oysters, gumbo, jambalaya and what have you. Visiting New Orleans for a long weekend in May, I vowed a return trip, I may as well play ball. :)


Joe My God has posted that the New York Senate has that all important 32nd yes vote needed to pass Andrew Cuomo's Marriage Equality Bill. Folks this would be a huge victory for the cause. New York State is the most populous state. There has been a whole bunch of arm twisting and politics this time around. Mayor Bloomberg, who has been an advocate of this bill, let many Republican Senators know that his checkbook would be closed to them, if they didn't support it. The Archdiocese of New York continues to grab their own robes and cry fowl. Oh, and one dumb football player stands with the past and the protesters against the bill, hoping to save New Yorkers from "anarchy?" Add $400 million to New York's economy and talk to me about anarchy.

How funny? All this time I thought California would be before NY. I mean we voted on Marijuana and we're getting ready to vote on circumcision. That innocence got knocked out of the park with Proposition 8 but then the big surprise: Iowa. Iowa? That was NOT on my radar. I mean, I had to read the newspaper twice that day.

We are in hold mode here until the fall. Until then, we can root for all the east coasters and being a native of New York City myself, I couldn't be happier. Let's keep it going.
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Monday is the universally understood blech day of the week (If you're working it). It's sunny and 75 degrees out there. The San Francisco fog's hide and seek routine, the last couple of days has inspired residents to sport shorts and tees. The thought of laying on a beach somewhere was an attractive concept. It is days like these, that the memory of being unemployed for a chunk of time, helps kick your body into gear, a gear that's shifted once again after coffee.

It was a nice weekend. I took advantage of cool weather Saturday and watched a movie: Green Lantern. Being a reader of this particular funny book, when I was a kid, I was particularly disappointed that they got the Hal Jordon character DEAD WRONG. All that money, that went into all that CGI and it's the main character interpretation, essentially words on the page, that sunk this movie. It's yet another movie, that does not need to be seen in 3-D; what I like to call 3-Don't these days. Please make my movies in wonderful 2-D with an A plus story and script. Jordan was never meant to be a big wuss. When the writer or director or both, made that choice...they decided to make a few things lighter, possibly exploring, what's funny to them about this story. Bad choice folks. "I pledge allegiance to a Lantern that I got from a dieing purple alien," Ryan Reynolds says, when checking out his new toys...ugh.

While the film was 3-D, all the other characters were 1-D as in one dimensional. Some potentially good characters in the Green Lantern corps such as Sinestro were minor parts. Angela Bassett is in a walk-on part as Amanda Waller. She is in 2 or 3 scenes and the only thing the audience knows is that she works for the government, while comic-book folks knows that Waller is an administrator for the Suicide Squad.
There is some good CGI work in Green Lantern but will you not remember any of it 10 minutes after you've left the theater? I think not. In retrospect, what the makers of the Thor movie did right was stay true to the main character and use aspects of the character (arrogance) to fuel part of the story. Here the story wasn't great but you're with him early on and the few comedic moments that happen feel natural. You want to show me fireworks? Fine but give me something with it; a side order of story and character, please.

Sunday's warmer weather played well for our last regular softball game of the year. We had a 10:15 a.m. match against the Penguins. We got up early for a light hitting practice. in fact, my alarm got me up at 6 a.m., I cursed the gods of softball but later apologized, after all there was a game to win. Admittedly, I always like to beat the Penguins, they are our old rivals from the rec division, plus I remember more than a few nasty rating meetings, when I would go toe to toe with their manager; a self-professed bitch queen from hell. He actually announces that at the first there are no misconceptions. However, I figure most of their players don't know the history. It's been so many years. Who really cares? I know there manager cares. My team knows I care; when I say silly stuff like: I want you to keep scoring runs, like every inning. I want Penguin meat, it tastes great with salt. My guys had a real good game to the tune of 21-3.

The North Beach festival was happening right outside my doorstep Saturday and Sunday. Really, what is it about the smell of anything frying that makes me stop and take notice? I snacked on occasion, on one particular time, I bought one of those gigantic turkey legs, it was a real Fred Flinstone moment. The fair could definitely use more seating for folks eating and drinking. I would buy stuff and go right back up to my apartment because the sidewalks didn't look comfortable. The fair was busy not unlike myself all-weekend, catching up with buddies, seeing bad CGI movies and softballing. And now it's back to the work week at my fortress of solitude.
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Friday, June 17th,

Welcome to the build-up, baby. It happens every year; same bat-time, same bat-place. If you're a San Francisco resident, your senses already know. You meander around the Castro and you wonder who these strangers are; even the ones that look slightly familiar. The noise emanating from the local establishments is unmistakable. Oh and least we forget that, almost daily, line around the Castro Theater. It's not unusual; you're in the final home stretch leading to Gay Pride Weekend, one that should be titled "So Proud and yet So Much to fight for."

Don't misunderstand. I'm not going to grab your lollipop and throw it under a MUNI bus. Lollipops are important. It's also important to remember the journey past as well as the desert ahead.

In New York, the Gay Marriage Bill passed in the Assembly and now goes to a republican led Senate. They need one republican to say yes and it looks like two will but naturally, they couldn't get to it today and if they don't conveniently get to it Monday, then they break for summer. There is after all no rush to equality, when it doesn't affect a good portion of the people doing the voting. If it happens for New York, it will be huge; an incredible victory for equality.

Still in California we wait for this mess called Proposition 8 to be lifted and blown back to Utah. The court cases here have merely been all about the stall. Seems like those Yes on 8 folks want to throw enough logs on the road, while they can figure away around the constitution. They went after after an appeal, so The court has to figure out, if they actually have standing for the appeal. In the meantime, they went after Judge Walker who tried the case. The Yes 8 folks believed because the judge is gay, he should have walked away from the case; this was a big strikeout for them but the waiting continues. It will happen in due time.

It's heartening to see all the folks sending in videos for, it's fantastic to see a few baseball teams get involved (led of course by our World Champion Giants) but it's really moving to see a couple of videos from perfect strangers; Joe Blow actually saying, "hey, it gets better." I admit, I spent a few minutes on the websites (a lifetime for me) and was moved.

Anyway, when you're partying pride weekend and sardined up in your favorite drinking establishment, yelling to talk to your buddy next to you, over the music, take a moment to reflect on the journey. I guarantee you it will not spoil your drink.
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It's great being back on a semi-regular gym routine, especially with my crazy new sleeping / awake hours. My theory continues to be, work out (especially cardio), vitamins, and get enough sleep to make a difference and my body will still be alright during the wee hours of the morning, when I am awake. Stay tuned.

It's weird being a creature of the night in a city that does shut down to a great extent by 2 a.m.. And the few cast of characters that are out and about do not necessarily give one the warm fuzzies. San Francisco has a few 24 hour diners / eateries and of course the 24 hour fitness places. It's ironic that I call my work, the Fortress of Solitude but there is actually some life in there because it is a 24 business, the real solitude is outside, when I've got some time off. This is weird for me to admit because I do enjoy being alone (to some degree) and I've grown used to it. But, it's different when it's not a choice or actually, the only choice. San Francisco is NOT a 24 hour city...really. My friends are in bed, when I go to the gym or have a meal at 3:00 a.m., I am leaving work, when they are going to work, the social situations are limited (to all my friends who are not working, this is not a complaint, it's an observation, I am rooting for all of us).

While, I can come off this nutty schedule on the weekend, I have to be careful about it. I find myself doing a similar schedule so as not to be screwed on my first day back. Maybe, I'll stay up until 7 a.m. and power nap until midday....yadda...yadda..yadda.

I was reminded how tough it is to stay awake, when having a glass of wine and watching a mediocre movie. Last night, I watched Vince Vaughn's Couples Retreat and other than a few funny moments, it was a real yawnfest.

Switching gears, it's weird how the Academy has reverted back to 10 nominations for best film. Are there really more choices? I'm looking at their selections this year and have to wonder. Would Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side be nominated, if they stayed with the top 5?
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It was great seeing my softball teammates yesterday, after a long layoff. The softball 2010 season is underway. We've got a fundraiser planned for the 20th at Moby Dick and practices on Sundays in Feb and March.

Now, a month into the new graveyard work schedule, I'm sleeping a little better. I don't know that I'm getting used to it any better but I'm adjusting a bit. I'm treating it all like hours in a day. You have a certain amount of hours in a day to eat, sleep, and work, I've merely changed, what time each of those happen. It's still a little spooky going to the gym at 3:00 a.m..

It was great to see the sun yesterday. Rainy season in SF is really happening so a full day of sunny weather feels great.

I couldn't be any happier that the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl such a great town. It's one of those places I enjoy visiting. I always gain a few pounds there. :)
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I see flashes of the sun during the day, I take a walk, get a bite to eat then I attempt to get my 7 hours of sleep before my next graveyard shift. Welcome to my 2010 reality.

After going for a full-time gig at a previous contract assignment, the fact of being low man on the shift totem pole set in. Yes, if it wasn't good pay, good benefits (and perks), chances are I wouldn't be writing about it.

Anybody that's ever done that 3rd, least popular shift at work can sympathize, on what you have to do physically so that you're prepared each day and on the day, you're not as prepared, it's a struggle. It's like being on a bigger day-to-day schedule then you are used to but make no mistake the most important thing on that list is that 7 hours of sleep. It's all somewhat important; excercise, vitamins, get a little sun but if you don't pull the curtains down and get at least seven... it can make for one sleepy cub later.

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The moon over Palm Desert doesn’t have to compete with surrounding buildings. That’s nice, if you like being surrounded by darkness and what do they say here “looking at the stars” (so long as you’re not doing it while you’re driving). Saturday nights’ full moon in the desert was an impressive sight; a big plump shiny rock in the sky helping us find the car in the parking lot.

Dave and I stopped at the local Yard House (bar and restaurant). I have not visited or talked to my brother, since he moved to the desert and I’m here this weekend so the timing was right. He’s got a new job, that’s taken him south and he seems to be slowly but surely settling in.

My brother had previously been living in the Bay Area (Alameda), we were a bridge apart and I have to say, it was really nice to have family in the neighborhood. He is a desert guy now...the weather will be a little different. I’m giving him a year. :)

Green Day

Sep. 22nd, 2009 07:58 am
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Growing up in New York City, I've enjoyed marking the differences between San Francisco/ California and the east coast. I've blogged about the Pizzas (or was that whining), the bagels...the Jewish deli...sigh.

My current kick is trying to put 10 days together, without hearing or seeing the word organic. Recently, I got as high as three days without encountering the word in question. It is really difficult to do in California. Even if you've got a few days where nothing is happening and you lock yourself away at home with a book, the "O" word is on TV, radio, and online. See if you can do 10 days without encountering that word. Good luck.

Yesterday, I stopped at the local public library for a replacement card. It is so fast and easy to do these days; they look you up, scan a ready made card, slap a few stickers on it and boom. You get to pick from a bunch of designs. There were six cards to choose from and the one that stuck out for me was a colorful circular design with the word "Read" on it, done by, according to the card, a 4th grader. I happily chose this card. There was a woman behind me that saw my choice. She tapped me on the shoulder, "Card number 6 is made from corn." "Oh, " I said. The librarian hadn't told me, the options would include cards made by other means. I looked at card number 6, with it's bland light green stripe and the word eco-card printed on it and quite frankly, it didn't move me like it should.

I do like corn. I envisioned a scene a couple of weeks later returning to the library and asking for a new card. The librarian staring at me curious can't help but say, "Didn't we already give you a new card?" "Yes, " I would answer, "but I got hungry and ate the card, do you have a card made of meatballs?" A woman would once again tap me from behind to say that card #7 is made from organic meatballs and I would envision happy cows relaxing in the steam room.

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Someone on facebook (I believe) mentioned, a little while ago, leaving comic books on Long Island and I couldn't help but smile. Actually, he referred to Long Island as the Isle of Long, which is something I used to say. My friends had a house on the Isle of Long and they let me stash a box of old Marvel Comics there, that I, over time, completely forgot about.

In comic book lingo, I was a Marvel with a minor in DC. As a kid I really enjoyed the Marvel characters. They were generally darker books with good writers and I had a little collection going (that has dissipated over time).

I've also been a fan of most of the movie inceptions (Ghost Rider was crap) and have been pretty enthused about movie plans for the Avengers and the tie-ins with Thor, Captain America, etc. When the news came down the Mouse bought a new piece of cheese, I grimaced. I do not want to see the mouse ears on a single Marvel comic book.

Listening to some of the comments from the big Disney fans (you know who you are...and in some cases I know who you are), they seem to share the same concerns albeit from the other perspective: "I don't want to see someone dressed as Ironman walking with Mickey at Disneyland." I concur.

On the outset it seems like a pretty good business move. The Marvel Superhero pictures are making money and Disney's got the bucks, to up the production values if need be but you have to wonder.

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I realize that there is a good and a bad time to make a point but sometimes in this foggy little city, it can be a challenge knowing when to throw down the gauntlet and when to keep moving. Does it all come down to principle? Am I unhappy because of the lameness of it?

My current assignment has decided 'cause of the bay bridge closing (Next weekend) that they will move next weeks' Thursday to this Sunday (rather last second). Their regular employees are stunned. Sunday spells OT for me and my fellow contractors, as Friday will make 40 hours. The catch is, no one wants to pay us that overtime, not the agency or the outfit. I'm thinking the Department of Labor would have an interesting comment on that (especially since the outfit works for the federal government).

I called the agency yesterday to get the scoop. I was told that the OT was a negative so we are not to work it. My manager on site has told us that Sunday is mandatory.

Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful to be busy...VERY THANKFUL but getting screwed is getting screwed. We sat through a meeting where the manager spoke about the extra money the regular employees would get. The contractors looked at each other like: WTF? We're being put in a strange position but there is some solidarity as none of us have the heart to come in Sunday. The agency will get a few more calls today, including my call...I'm going to continue stressing communication. Otherwise, yes the gauntlet is down.

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One part of work was shut down today so things were slower than the norm. I worked on my batting swing with an imaginary bat and a reflection of myself, at one point someone stopped to add his two cents. It was that kind of a day. You can feel people being antsy. My brain did some traveling; New York, London, Las Vegas, Palm Springs etc.

I'm happy with the fall return of the Coasters ( John and I started that tournament softball team back in 01 (or 02) but we haven't gone to a tourney in a couple of years now. We were definitely on hiatus and I'm jazzed to say that's ending in Las Vegas. This January's Sin City shootout will be on the Coasters' agenda. John will be back to coach, I'll manage and play. I would also like to get a team together for the Minneapolis tourney in May but that's way in the future.

The fog was heavy, early and I grabbed my pillow thinking about how nice it would be to spend a little more time in bed, I've got Friday off and that sounds like a plan.

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Not unlike that reporter on The Incredible Hulk tv show, my current job is not always my current job. I go where they send me; chasing down that elusive green beast. I roll with it. You meet nice folks, along the way and some not worth mentioning, your hours can change like the weather in San Francisco; foggy with the occasional chance of overtime.

During the week, I've been getting out a little later. Case in point, Thursday night I waited at an F-Market stop for an inbound streetcar. I pulled out my iPhone to check when the next streetcar was arriving. It was dark but there were others on the street 'island' and some conversation happening.

As I was looking at my iPhone (in my left hand), I could feel someone looking my way. I'm generally not untrusting of others but something didn't feel right. While I can see 20/20 during the day, at night, not so much. The iPhone internet was being slow. The person staring was thin and looking at my mid-section. I kept looking at the phone. Suddenly, the young man moved quickly, one step and one hand on the top of my phone, I squeezed it. His hand slipped to the rubber casing, I pulled. He timed it with the street light, so he was already across the street. It was supposed to be a quick one move move and go but he left empty-handed. He was fast.

I couldn't stop the angry New Yorker inside of me though, "Nice try asshole!" I turned and looked at the people waiting, I got kudos from the drunk homeless guy, who then asked for money. There was a tourist couple that looked at me with some fright, oh well, I thought, another interesting night in the city.

I know that these phones can be worth a couple of bucks but try something legit and not so dangerous for a change, turn an honest buck. Be the reporter on the Incredible Hulk.

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For awhile there my friend Mike in London went on a scanning frenzy of old pictures. The purpose was apparently, to upload them to Facebook and tag everyone, who might remember the picture or event or even to comment on someones outfit. Well, Mike got me good on the below shot. I guess, it's only, your very sweet friends that make you feel old and nostalgic; all at the same time. Geez, I was in my late twenties (yeah, I pretty much had facial hair when I turned 17), it was New Year's Eve and we were on a boat, going around Manhattan.

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Sometimes for me, writing about things, helps me to process them. Back in November, when my dad passed away, I wrote a couple of entries that were short on details because, quite frankly, I was feeling so incredibly numb. It was on my old graphicubsf LJ account.

There is nothing wrong with the Sweet and Sour Pork

Recently, a couple of days before father's day, I was having sweet and sour pork downtown. It was in a fast food chinese place that I like and frequent. My brain went to November and I choked up a little, in public, in a chinese fast food place. I got it under control and got out of there. Folks, there is nothing wrong with the sweet and sour pork, it's quite good. You know, I don't think I ever really noticed all the Father's Day marketing (email blasts, newspaper and internet Ads) until this year.

I almost lost two people that weekend.

I took L.I.R.R. to Penn Station, then the Subway to Soho. I was beat. Upon exiting the Houstan street subway, I grabbed my cellphone, called my brother to let him know I was in and he said, "Good we're meeting dad at the hospital early." I said fine, then texted my friend Robert, who I've known for years and was putting me up. The text back was kind of a word salad and didn't make sense. I got to the front of his building and called. It rang a few times before he picked up, he wasn't making too much sense and kind of rambling about being in pain. Something wasn't right.

Fortunately for both of us, he was functional enough to leave the door open. When I entered he was on the floor, grabbing his stomach and moaning. He was complaining about some new meds he was on. He had all his pills on a table, it was an impressive quantity. Then he passed out. I leaned over, made sure he was breathing and I went to the phone. He came to as I hit the number 9. "What are you doing?" "Calling 911, " I said. He pleaded, "no, no, I'll be fine lets give it time." In 5 seconds he was back on the floor writhing in pain. "Did you call your doctor?" He nodded. "What did he say?" "He said I should call 911." I looked at him, "that's good enough for me, " I said and dialed. He passed out again. I watched his breathing, described everything to the person on the phone. I walked over to the front window to make sure I can see out of it, he started to get up wobbly. I indicated that to the woman on the phone and she quickly said, "don't let him move." "Rob, stay where you are." "You're calling 911. got to get ready, got to go to Bathroom," He said sprinting upright and falling headfirst in the hallway leading to the bathroom. He fell flat on his face, knocking himself unconscious and now he was bleeding.

I stayed with Robert at St. Vincent's until about 4 a.m. I remember looking at the clock thinking, I'll be seeing dad in a few hours. It was at that time, on the eastside in Beth Israel Hospital, dad had his last heart attack. At 4 a.m. I walked back down to Soho, New York was quite, dark and cold. I secretly planned on getting dad a copy of the New York Post and would read him all the headlines. That would wake anybody up and he liked that rag.
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With an early close from my gig on Thursday, I accepted an offer from a friend to hit the beach. It's really hard to say no, when the temperatures in and out of town were warmer then usual.

Mike was loving his new car and driving it, every chance he got and I was certainly benefiting from it.

We spread a blanked out, stripped and sun bathed. It was great. I got so comfortable, I almost fell asleep. The sound of the water splashing on the beach was soothing. Some would think you can get lost in thoughts here but for me it all shuts down and this is a very good thing.

Tanned and back in the city, the fog roles in and I am comfortably at home, in my small North Beach digs, that's when I let my mind wander. Lately, it's been flying me back to early November and New York City.
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About a week and a half ago, I was riding the California Cable Car, which gets a fair amount of tourists but nothing like its sister on Powell. A man got on around Hyde street with a large black bag. He was sporting, on his head, a dark plain baseball cap. He got in and we began our climb (I posted full story on Muni Diaries).
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Sunny skies were all over San Francisco this weekend and so were the Sisters or Perpetual Indulgence. It was their 30th Anniversary and they flocked in from near and far to celebrate, with a whole line up of events.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to hit the Castro for some java time. It was around 12:30 in the afternoon and the sisters were laying flat on the street in the intersection on 18th and Castro, stopping traffic for about 15 minutes. This was a planned stoppage, worked out with the police, so when the police did show up, they were taking pictures with their cell-phones. They were protesting the Pope's evil ways. Everyone seemed happy about it, with the exception of the two bus drivers being held up. They had sour looks on their face. You know, sometimes, you can't make everybody happy.

On Easter Sunday, it was the church of Softball. The sisters would be at Delores Park for the Hunky Jesus contest. Unfortunately their Dolores Park festivities are something I miss every year because of Softball games, that are scheduled.

We played a very good hitting veteran team. We new we had our work cut out for us. It would be an uphill battle. They scored eight runs early, another eight, the inning after, we chalked up a couple of doughnut holes in our frames and it was looking bleak. When they were up, about 17 runs, the news came back to me, that they were rubbing it in. When another couple of my guys confirmed this, I addressed it, in-house, "listen, that's going to happen with some teams, with some teams, it's part of their game, they want to get you out of your game or they want to rub it in. Answer it, at bat and on the field. Don't verbalize to them about it because frankly, win or lose, I want to be the classiest team on the field."

No, this was not one of those victory sparking speeches. My guys did make it a game, scoring 15 runs in two innings. The C-MEN were as close as 2 runs away. We were not able to contain their offense late in the game and that was the game. A player mentioned the "rubbing it in" thing again. I listened. Ultimately, it's really about how we play, poor sportsmanship is going to happen but he needed to vent so I understand. Sometimes, you can't make everybody happy. And really, there are other ways to express your displeasure with a team, we don't actually have to go to their fundraiser. Brunch

We had a fun team brunch at the Firewood in the Castro. We laughed, rehashed the games a bit and brought up some future team trips. Minneapolis? Russian River? This is without a doubt, the nicest bunch of players we've had on this ballclub, the new additions to the squad have blended right in; like they were always there.

Happy Easter all!
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