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Not unlike that reporter on The Incredible Hulk tv show, my current job is not always my current job. I go where they send me; chasing down that elusive green beast. I roll with it. You meet nice folks, along the way and some not worth mentioning, your hours can change like the weather in San Francisco; foggy with the occasional chance of overtime.

During the week, I've been getting out a little later. Case in point, Thursday night I waited at an F-Market stop for an inbound streetcar. I pulled out my iPhone to check when the next streetcar was arriving. It was dark but there were others on the street 'island' and some conversation happening.

As I was looking at my iPhone (in my left hand), I could feel someone looking my way. I'm generally not untrusting of others but something didn't feel right. While I can see 20/20 during the day, at night, not so much. The iPhone internet was being slow. The person staring was thin and looking at my mid-section. I kept looking at the phone. Suddenly, the young man moved quickly, one step and one hand on the top of my phone, I squeezed it. His hand slipped to the rubber casing, I pulled. He timed it with the street light, so he was already across the street. It was supposed to be a quick one move move and go but he left empty-handed. He was fast.

I couldn't stop the angry New Yorker inside of me though, "Nice try asshole!" I turned and looked at the people waiting, I got kudos from the drunk homeless guy, who then asked for money. There was a tourist couple that looked at me with some fright, oh well, I thought, another interesting night in the city.

I know that these phones can be worth a couple of bucks but try something legit and not so dangerous for a change, turn an honest buck. Be the reporter on the Incredible Hulk.

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