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I'm organizing my softball team for a few out of town tournaments. The Seamen finished a good season, going 8-3-1 and are set to play some more, now that the season is over. For many of us, the final game hit us like: "is this really the last game." The scheduling this year has been unusual; a doubleheader, then a weekend off, then a rain out...then back to a doubleheader. We looked up and had one game left. The team has not quite had their fill. That song may change after a 2-day playoff tournament, in the second weekend in July. July is turning out to be a heavy softball month.

First Tournament up to bat is the Joe Cooper Memorial Russian River Classic which we have done religiously for the last decade. Truth be told, I was ready not to do it this year. I've got another training in West Virginia on tap the whole week after the tourney and am flying out Sunday. Player interest, however, generally twists my arm and I start sending out emails, scouting out places to stay etc.. We will be there in full force and this one's generally a fun one. Since, it's pretty local, we get Bay Area teams.This works out to be the unofficial goodbye to the softball season.

It's exciting to add the Seamen, to the list of teams going to New Orleans this December. The Bourbon Street Classic is one of the newest tournaments on the block (3 years) and the city is a favorite stop of mine. We will be staying in the French Quarter and playing ball in Metairie. When we are not playing ball, I assure you, the coach will be having raw oysters, gumbo, jambalaya and what have you. Visiting New Orleans for a long weekend in May, I vowed a return trip, I may as well play ball. :)


Joe My God has posted that the New York Senate has that all important 32nd yes vote needed to pass Andrew Cuomo's Marriage Equality Bill. Folks this would be a huge victory for the cause. New York State is the most populous state. There has been a whole bunch of arm twisting and politics this time around. Mayor Bloomberg, who has been an advocate of this bill, let many Republican Senators know that his checkbook would be closed to them, if they didn't support it. The Archdiocese of New York continues to grab their own robes and cry fowl. Oh, and one dumb football player stands with the past and the protesters against the bill, hoping to save New Yorkers from "anarchy?" Add $400 million to New York's economy and talk to me about anarchy.

How funny? All this time I thought California would be before NY. I mean we voted on Marijuana and we're getting ready to vote on circumcision. That innocence got knocked out of the park with Proposition 8 but then the big surprise: Iowa. Iowa? That was NOT on my radar. I mean, I had to read the newspaper twice that day.

We are in hold mode here until the fall. Until then, we can root for all the east coasters and being a native of New York City myself, I couldn't be happier. Let's keep it going.

Date: 2011-06-23 03:49 am (UTC)
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I hadn't hears about the new yes vote. That's really great news.

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