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Once upon a time there was a bearded boy from the big city, who decided to move to a very beautiful little city. The magical new city was filled with hills, trees, other bearded people and liberals. While the city didn't have the same big city theater or award winning pizza, it was quaint and pleasant, a more laid back feel, that appealed to the bearded boy.

The boy was quick to live in an active neighborhood, realizing that his big city mentality (and pace) were still present and needed to be made somewhat comfortable. The bearded boy would live in a busy downtown area.

All was well with the world.

Suddenly, and without warning a fairy godfather talked the bearded boy into housesitting, in his lavender house on the hill, dangling his showtime/HBO package like some poison apple. The boy accepted, as the fairy godfather was indeed a friend.

The godfather smiled, got on his broom and flew to Spain, almost immediately, the fog rolled in and circled the lavender house. The boy warmed himself with all the available blankets and when night came something very unusual occurred.

He lay in bed and stared at the ceiling. There was absolute quiet.

There was no drunk man yelling after his girlfriend, no loud rock bands at the corner bar, or even neighbors going at it. There was no noise. NONE. The bearded boy knew that he would not be sleeping tonight. GRRR.

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