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I started this gig back in 2015, as a part-time thing to supplement my graphic design freelance but as they needed more help I adjusted. It's hard to say no to a steady paycheck, especially considering the work they do in the Bay Area. Throughout my time in San Francisco, I've been pretty lucky finding work situations with organizations that have a mission statement that I can get behind.

As with any organization that counts on outside sources of funding, donations etc., the position I hold will only be a tangible one, based on the yearly budget. I remember the cascade of layoffs at my local red cross after a particularly rough year. I was in the first department gutted. These socially cool feel good jobs that depend on the outside donations aren't always great with longevity but they do give you something in the interim: the desire to keep coming back.

You actually want to come in and help. When you work with good people that assist in running for 2 pet hospitals, it's easy for me to want to make sure there is enough cyclosporine on hand for the vets, etc.. One of my perks? If I ever need a break and want to see a friendly face, I can go to adoptions and say hi to the dogs. That is a major perk of the job. I also get discounts on products and the vet care is 50% off for my dog but I love visiting the doggies.

Also, These folks have been great with my time off needs. My softball tournaments and my yearly trips have been no problem. This has been the kind of experience I needed to have after the government job. Who knows how long the dog and cat train will ride but I am happy to be a passenger.

Contingent satisfaction

Date: 2017-06-21 03:54 pm (UTC)
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I enjoyed my work at the SF AIDS Food Bank in the 1990's very much in the same spirit--though that was a volunteer job, not a paid one.

Working for an organization that you really value is a wonderful experience. It is unfortunate that when these jobs pay a wage, it is so often contingent, as you point out, on unreliable funding sources. So many more people would choose these jobs if they had more security behind them . . .

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