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I see flashes of the sun during the day, I take a walk, get a bite to eat then I attempt to get my 7 hours of sleep before my next graveyard shift. Welcome to my 2010 reality.

After going for a full-time gig at a previous contract assignment, the fact of being low man on the shift totem pole set in. Yes, if it wasn't good pay, good benefits (and perks), chances are I wouldn't be writing about it.

Anybody that's ever done that 3rd, least popular shift at work can sympathize, on what you have to do physically so that you're prepared each day and on the day, you're not as prepared, it's a struggle. It's like being on a bigger day-to-day schedule then you are used to but make no mistake the most important thing on that list is that 7 hours of sleep. It's all somewhat important; excercise, vitamins, get a little sun but if you don't pull the curtains down and get at least seven... it can make for one sleepy cub later.

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