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One part of work was shut down today so things were slower than the norm. I worked on my batting swing with an imaginary bat and a reflection of myself, at one point someone stopped to add his two cents. It was that kind of a day. You can feel people being antsy. My brain did some traveling; New York, London, Las Vegas, Palm Springs etc.

I'm happy with the fall return of the Coasters ( John and I started that tournament softball team back in 01 (or 02) but we haven't gone to a tourney in a couple of years now. We were definitely on hiatus and I'm jazzed to say that's ending in Las Vegas. This January's Sin City shootout will be on the Coasters' agenda. John will be back to coach, I'll manage and play. I would also like to get a team together for the Minneapolis tourney in May but that's way in the future.

The fog was heavy, early and I grabbed my pillow thinking about how nice it would be to spend a little more time in bed, I've got Friday off and that sounds like a plan.


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