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Someone on facebook (I believe) mentioned, a little while ago, leaving comic books on Long Island and I couldn't help but smile. Actually, he referred to Long Island as the Isle of Long, which is something I used to say. My friends had a house on the Isle of Long and they let me stash a box of old Marvel Comics there, that I, over time, completely forgot about.

In comic book lingo, I was a Marvel with a minor in DC. As a kid I really enjoyed the Marvel characters. They were generally darker books with good writers and I had a little collection going (that has dissipated over time).

I've also been a fan of most of the movie inceptions (Ghost Rider was crap) and have been pretty enthused about movie plans for the Avengers and the tie-ins with Thor, Captain America, etc. When the news came down the Mouse bought a new piece of cheese, I grimaced. I do not want to see the mouse ears on a single Marvel comic book.

Listening to some of the comments from the big Disney fans (you know who you are...and in some cases I know who you are), they seem to share the same concerns albeit from the other perspective: "I don't want to see someone dressed as Ironman walking with Mickey at Disneyland." I concur.

On the outset it seems like a pretty good business move. The Marvel Superhero pictures are making money and Disney's got the bucks, to up the production values if need be but you have to wonder.

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