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It's great being back on a semi-regular gym routine, especially with my crazy new sleeping / awake hours. My theory continues to be, work out (especially cardio), vitamins, and get enough sleep to make a difference and my body will still be alright during the wee hours of the morning, when I am awake. Stay tuned.

It's weird being a creature of the night in a city that does shut down to a great extent by 2 a.m.. And the few cast of characters that are out and about do not necessarily give one the warm fuzzies. San Francisco has a few 24 hour diners / eateries and of course the 24 hour fitness places. It's ironic that I call my work, the Fortress of Solitude but there is actually some life in there because it is a 24 business, the real solitude is outside, when I've got some time off. This is weird for me to admit because I do enjoy being alone (to some degree) and I've grown used to it. But, it's different when it's not a choice or actually, the only choice. San Francisco is NOT a 24 hour city...really. My friends are in bed, when I go to the gym or have a meal at 3:00 a.m., I am leaving work, when they are going to work, the social situations are limited (to all my friends who are not working, this is not a complaint, it's an observation, I am rooting for all of us).

While, I can come off this nutty schedule on the weekend, I have to be careful about it. I find myself doing a similar schedule so as not to be screwed on my first day back. Maybe, I'll stay up until 7 a.m. and power nap until midday....yadda...yadda..yadda.

I was reminded how tough it is to stay awake, when having a glass of wine and watching a mediocre movie. Last night, I watched Vince Vaughn's Couples Retreat and other than a few funny moments, it was a real yawnfest.

Switching gears, it's weird how the Academy has reverted back to 10 nominations for best film. Are there really more choices? I'm looking at their selections this year and have to wonder. Would Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side be nominated, if they stayed with the top 5?
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