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It's a groggy Monday for me. I got up at 5:00 a.m. and could never properly get back to sleep. At that hour, I looked over at my dog and she was dreaming of something, that I believe involved running. Her paws were moving back and forth and there were murmurs. I get dreams like that as well but dreamland ended too soon this fine morning.

It's been a string of fine mornings, if you enjoy warm weather. The fog seems to be playing hide and seek with everybody but mostly hiding. We are in the midst of a mini heat wave. We get these here, they never last very long because you never bet against the fog. The fog always wins. It's the Rocky from the second movie.

We were out Sunday in the warmth that was the marina district, playing softball in the last couple of games of the season. We split a double header and ended up going 10-4 for the season and coming in second place, which is a pretty good place to be for this young team. As one of the 2 older players on the team, I've enjoyed watching this group improve. They've got more to go but they can hit and they pick each other up and are generally positive, even when something flops.

My day went well on the field, even after jamming my hand into second base. I was able to play thru some pain, get my hits. At home it was the ice and ibuprofen cocktail. The right wrist is still smarting with a little swelling. I'm hoping for a quick heal as tournament season begins July 4th weekend. Wish me luck. Yes softball retirement is all the rage.

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