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Sunny skies were all over San Francisco this weekend and so were the Sisters or Perpetual Indulgence. It was their 30th Anniversary and they flocked in from near and far to celebrate, with a whole line up of events.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to hit the Castro for some java time. It was around 12:30 in the afternoon and the sisters were laying flat on the street in the intersection on 18th and Castro, stopping traffic for about 15 minutes. This was a planned stoppage, worked out with the police, so when the police did show up, they were taking pictures with their cell-phones. They were protesting the Pope's evil ways. Everyone seemed happy about it, with the exception of the two bus drivers being held up. They had sour looks on their face. You know, sometimes, you can't make everybody happy.

On Easter Sunday, it was the church of Softball. The sisters would be at Delores Park for the Hunky Jesus contest. Unfortunately their Dolores Park festivities are something I miss every year because of Softball games, that are scheduled.

We played a very good hitting veteran team. We new we had our work cut out for us. It would be an uphill battle. They scored eight runs early, another eight, the inning after, we chalked up a couple of doughnut holes in our frames and it was looking bleak. When they were up, about 17 runs, the news came back to me, that they were rubbing it in. When another couple of my guys confirmed this, I addressed it, in-house, "listen, that's going to happen with some teams, with some teams, it's part of their game, they want to get you out of your game or they want to rub it in. Answer it, at bat and on the field. Don't verbalize to them about it because frankly, win or lose, I want to be the classiest team on the field."

No, this was not one of those victory sparking speeches. My guys did make it a game, scoring 15 runs in two innings. The C-MEN were as close as 2 runs away. We were not able to contain their offense late in the game and that was the game. A player mentioned the "rubbing it in" thing again. I listened. Ultimately, it's really about how we play, poor sportsmanship is going to happen but he needed to vent so I understand. Sometimes, you can't make everybody happy. And really, there are other ways to express your displeasure with a team, we don't actually have to go to their fundraiser. Brunch

We had a fun team brunch at the Firewood in the Castro. We laughed, rehashed the games a bit and brought up some future team trips. Minneapolis? Russian River? This is without a doubt, the nicest bunch of players we've had on this ballclub, the new additions to the squad have blended right in; like they were always there.

Happy Easter all!

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