Apr. 9th, 2009

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Yesterday, during the course of my travels, I made an excuse to take the cable car. Yes, it's the slowest form of transportation in the city and usually fraught with tourists but, even after living here for 11 years, it's still a guilty pleasure. On hump day, I hopped on the California Cable line (less tourists take that one) and let it take me up and down the hill.

As we were approaching the top, it got cooler. I adjusted my cap to be firmer on my head. There was a man who got on with a dark jacket, cap and a large black bag, something you might see someone use as a carry on bag in a flight. He looked over at me a couple of time, then at the driver. I thought maybe, he wanted to ask a question, but nothing came. We were between stops, when a big gust of wind, blew his cap off and a half a block away.

In a very polite and casual matter, the tourist (I'm guessing) said: "Driver, I've lost my cap."

The driver, between stops, stopped the car, so he can get off. Then he said: "I'll be right back with it." The driver smiled and politely explained that we were in the middle of the street and had to keep going. The tourist accepted this response and got off.

The driver and I exchanged looks. i kept my smile to myself. He said to me: "Can you believe how casual that was 'I'll be right back.' "

"Yeah, real casual, " I said, "I thought someone would start serving tea."

Cable car

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