Mar. 27th, 2009

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Ultimately, it was my own fault. I wasn't being careful. I didn't notice or question it. Wednesday evening, I had one or two cashews and began to feel strange. The cashews, themselves are perfectly fine for my system but if they are mixed, (or came from a mixed batch) with a certain specific nut that I have an allergy to, the results could be fatal; my own private kryptonite.

When it hasn't happened in such a long time, I honestly don't think about it. I walked around town Thursday with a reminder; puffy lips that would make Angelina Jolie proud and a couple of Rocky Balboa eye lids.

In my late twenties, I took a trip to Vermont with a friend and got my first taste of this specific allergy. We went to Ben and Jerry's. They were running a special on discontinued flavors; one flavor, my curious choice was a rainforest flavor. One lick made my tongue turn red and blow up; to where it was almost getting hard to talk. Needless to say I didn't finish it, or I wouldn't be typing this today.

After turning 30 and moving to San Francisco, I had my biggest attack to date. I was at a friend's party and feeding off peanuts. I looked in the bowl and noticed there were only peanuts in the bowl and figured I was safe. I started feeling funny, my tongue felt like it was on fire. I walked to the mirror of the bathroom and saw some familiar signs. Walking up to my friend, he new something was up. "Holy crap, we didn't clean that bowl, it had mixed nuts before." We sped to General hospital. My face was doing the incredible Hulk routine, I could feel it slowly affecting my breathing.

The one positive, I can take out of this last episode (other then surviving) is I'm starting to read the signals quicker; this is very important. Either way, it looks like I'm done with all nuts permanently. Hey, at least I'm not allergic to a cheeseburger.


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