Mar. 23rd, 2009

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I awoke today feeling somewhat energized....on a Monday?

I decided, I can run with it; errands downtown were neutralized, a bank trip...done, laundry...zap, organizing last second softball problem.

It's Monday and I'm enjoying a cup of Joe, letting the weekend wash over me.

We had a small softball practice on Saturday, our last one before opening day. Several of the guys couldn't make it, hence a smaller group with cleats and gloves. As the coach, I generally run drills for the guys. On this day, however, I was able to get a veteran player, to do the hitting (thanks Jesse F). I was able to get out on the field. This really works for me because I can get my fielding timing down for the season. Anytime softball people (including myself) talk about timing, they are talking about hitting. Hitting is important. Fielding timing is something I am always aware of and I needed this...thank you. After the first couple of line drives, it didn't take long to adjust, I was very happy with my reactions. I covered third, then second, then some outfield and first. Bring it on.

Not overly concerned about offensive timing, I watched a few pitches, flailed at a couple of pitches, then locked in and lined a shot, opposite field over the third sacker's head. I dropped the bat immediately, realizing my timing was right on and said, "who is next?"

It's really all about timing, maybe that is the secret of life; timing and patience.

The key to hitting and maybe to life, I quote the great Frank Howard (Hondo): K.I.S.S "Keep It Simple Stupid."

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