Mar. 10th, 2009

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Practice Thankfully, after a rainy layoff, our softball practices have resumed. When you live in San Francisco and you try to schedule practices in February and March, rainouts are a part of the realistic picture. I know, I get it, we need the rain. No one ever says we need the shake, after an earthquake. I was in New York, last week for their big snowfall and one guy actually looked me in the eye, while we were talking about the snow and said: "We need the snow." I looked at him, as if he were visiting from Mars: "who needs it, Mr Freeze?" My rain preference is a Monday and Tuesday spritz and sunny the rest of the way but alas, I am not the weather-maker.

On our first weekend back, the rec and park of our fair city, double-booked us with another team. It was the first time this has happened to us but I've heard from a few managers, that this sort of thing is not impossible. Since they computerized the reserving of the field, I highly suspected operator error.

The Pilsner Penguins and the Moby Dick C-MEN made due. We ran some drills, but really had too many people. We also played a scrimmage, that at least mirrored, what would happen in a game. Years ago, when the C-MEN were the Comets and in the Rec Division, these bitter penguinos were rivals...I mean bitter rivals. LOL. Over the years, there have been enough changes in both teams, that nothing registers. I only recognize a couple of Penguins from those days and we only have 5 players that were on that last Comets' team.

We did our thing and a few of us went back to Moby's for a beer, on a nice warm afternoon. Yes, it was like one of those bad beer commercials. Here's to good friends, tonight is kind of special...the beer you drink... Moby's had a good crowd and we stayed toward the back. I walked up a few times, as the coach of the other Moby's softball team was there and I wanted to see how things were going. He always says something that makes me laugh (but never means to). I socialized, promised the bar manager to forward the new schedule and this time I will get it to him and gave him the website, where the updates will happen (

Monday morning, I confirmed the operator error with Rec and Park. They gave us the field and then went back in and cancelled, after emailing me a copy of the permit. Twenty-five years ago, in New York, this kind of customer circus might have burned my bacon. Nowadays, I find that getting heated doesn't get you very far (unless you're in New York) and is a waste of time. I sent them an email of the proof (the permit that was emailed to me) and they gave us credit for the field.

On Monday night, the Penguins manager, graciously called and suggested, if we haven't done so, that we should get credit for the field. I love it, when a plan comes together.

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